Specialists in VR & AR

Reality Boffins harness technology and creative thinking to produce unique and innovative solutions.

Who Are We?

North Wales based Creative Technologists Charles Gershom & Rob Spaull.

What’s A Creative Technologist?

A transdisciplinary professional combining computing, design, art and the humanities (and more…).


Key to our working ethos, is delivering projects that would be considered contributing to a better society.

What Do We Do?

We develop unique experiences with a focus on challenging people’s sense of reality through vehicles such as VR & AR, projection mapping and real-time digital systems. 

Still Confused?

We work with private companies, local authorities, schools, clubs, groups and more to produce AR Trails, VR Training Systems, accurate 3D models of real world items, mobile & VR games, architectural visualistations, workshops, and much more.

We take data from GIS systems, point clouds, 3D models, crayons, glitter and glue and mash it together…though not always in the same project…

And all with our unique creative approach!

If you have a question or a project you think we could help with, email us info@realityboffins.com and we’ll see if we can help!

Rob & Charles