Reality Boffins Discord Server

What is it?

  • A place to connect with us
  • Learn new digital skills
  • Ask us questions
  • Meet like-minded people
  • Build new¬†friendships
  • Take on challenges
  • Collaborate on projects
  • Help us build a network of creatives and developers

Who Can Join?

  • Anyone!
  • Our Discord Server is open to anyone interested in developing their creative digital skills.
  • Predominantly focussed building a network of developers and future developers around North Wales.


  • No swearing or offensive language
  • No posting inappropriate imagery
  • No links to external websites
  • Be kind and supportive to each other – this is a place of learning and wellbeing.


  • Minimum Discord age is 13
  • This is a server with clear rules and behavioural requirements but it is not always monitored.**
  • Anyone breaking the rules or behaving inappropriately will be removed.

For more information on Discord visit

**While we will do our best to make sure anyone joining our Discord Server has a safe and enjoyable experience, we can not be held responsible for the behavior of members of the server or any impact their behaviour may have on any other members.

Sounds Great! Let me in!!